Who we are


Yohei Kiguchi, Co-Founder   


Yohei Kiguchi graduated from the University of Tokyo, and attended PhD studies at the Engineering department at the University of Cambridge. He founded ENECHANGE in Japan and SMAP ENERGY in the UK and is CEO of both companies.
In 2017 he became the first Japanese person to be listed as one of the Forbes ‘30 Under 30 Europe’.

東京大学法学部卒、ケンブリッジ大学工学部博士課程修了。ENECHANGE株式会社(日本)とSMAP ENERGY社(イギリス)を創業。現在は、ENECHANGE株式会社 会長 兼 SMAP社 CEOとして、海外事業と電力データ事業を中心に事業を推進する。2017年「Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe」 に日本人として初選出される。


Sayaka Kuno, Vice Program Manager   


After getting her MBA from Southampton University and with 10 years IT consulting experience (including IBM and NTT Europe),  Sayaka joins us as Vice Program Manager for JEC2019.

IBM、アクセンチュア、NTT Europeなどでエネルギー・IoT分野のコンサルティング業務を担当。英国在住・日本人である強みを生かして、JEC2019のVice Program Managerを務める。(2回目以降のMTGは、来日して担当予定し、スポンサー企業様との窓口も担当予定)


Takayuki Yoshino, Business Development Manager   


After Graduating from Waseda University, Takayuki has worked as a sales representative in a Japanese conglomerate and as an IT consultant in Accenture. Through his experience of working in the IT and Utility sector, Takayuki will support organizing JEC2019 as a Business Development Manager.



Paul Monroe, Co-Founder and Program Manager   


A Cambridge University graduate and former engineer at NASA, Paul co-founded energy data analytics solution provider  SMAP Energy and leads business development for the EU and UK. He was Program Coordinator for JEC2018 and will lead JEC2019.

JEC2018も統率した実績。ケンブリッジ大学修士卒、NASAエンジニアを経てSMAP ENERGY社共同創業。


Masanori Sonoda, Business Development Manager   


After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology,  Masanori worked as a solar-thermal engineer and went on to be a management consultant at Accenture. He joined us to help plan JEC2018 and works from Japan as a Business Development Manager for JEC2019.  



David Battista, Analyst   


David joins us after working for Octopus Energy - an innovative UK energy supplier challenging the incumbent companies - and graduating from Aberdeen University. He is in charge of startup scouting and European market research for JEC2019.

英国Octopus Energy(新電力3位 50万世帯の需要家)で経営企画を務め、英国の新電力事情に精通。JEC2019では欧州側リサーチ、資料作成の担当を務める。