2018 Program Sponsors

SUMMIT ENERGY is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, one of the major integrated trading firms in Japan. They supply electricity to both commercial and residential customers. In 2016, they supplied 2,800GWh, making them the 6th largest retail electricity supplier in Japan. Summit Energy has its own generating capacity from a variety of sources, including biomass power generation.


ENECHANGE LTD. is Japan’s most popular energy switching website, having 3 million monthly unique visitors and working with over 100 energy suppliers. Enechange is also recognised as one of the most innovative energy ventures in Japan, providing vertically integrated tech solutions – such as data-driven CRM solutions, smart-meter data management (SMAP), AI-driven load curve simulation etc. – for energy suppliers.


JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy is the largest oil company and 3rd largest new electric power supplier in Japan, and is known by its brand ENEOS. JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy has crude refining capacity of around 2 million barrel per day – which is comparable to BP – and a nationwide supply chain enabling stable supply of products and services associated with energy. JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy has also been increasingly supplying low-carbon energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, biofuel, and hydrogen, while developing related technologies.

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TOKYO GAS is Japan’s largest provider of natural gas, serving more than 11 million customers. In FY2016, TOKYO GAS made a start by entering the electricity retail business and has since reached 1,110,000 customers (March 2018). TOKYO GAS is shifting from the in-house R&D focused on natural gas energy to an open innovation style R&D to focus on a broad range of innovative energy solutions.


LOOOP operates a low-voltage power retail business ‘Looop Denki’. Since starting in April 2016, the business has gained over 100,000 users by the end of March 2018. After reaching this critical turning point, LOOOP aims to reach 200,000 users by the end of the next fiscal year, and is opening a broad array of new services to attract smart energy consumers.


NEXT ENERGY is an integrated solution provider for renewable energy currently dedicated to solar PV, including services for solar module procurement, mounting system and energy storage system manufacturing, EPC, O&M and asset management. NEXT ENERGY also owns and operates GREENa – Japan’s first 100% renewable electricity supply plan.


2018 Cohort Winners

Battery Management – Brill Power

Brill Power develops intelligent battery management technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for grid-scale energy storage and electric vehicles. Brill Power’s combination of novel hardware and intelligent software solutions extend the cycle life of conventional lithium-ion batteries by up to 60% while offering higher reliability than any other battery system. The company is a spin-out of Oxford University, led by three PhDs in battery technology and electronics and one MBA from Saïd Business School. To date, Brill Power has gained financial support from Climate KICShell Technology Ventures, Oxford Sciences Innovation and Innovate UK.


Demand Side Management (Home) – Powervault

Powervault is a UK-based home energy storage manufacturer. Powervault develop an intelligent, affordable electricity storage system for the home, which reduces customers’ electricity bills by enabling them to store and use free solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity. Powervault have an all-in-one system, with modular build, multiple smart features, and an open API. Powervault can interface with and control smart appliances in the home, and delivers a market-leading return on investment using our aggregation and control platform to support the electricity grid. The Powervault team are experts in innovation, having delivered multiple industry firsts, and their aim is to make home energy storage as commonplace as the dishwasher.


2018 Cohort Finalists

Blockchain – Solarcoin (with representation from ElectricChain)

SolarCoin is a blockchain-based commodity like air miles for solar power generation. It is available globally to solar power producers at the rate of 1SLR per MWh of validated solar power produced, and 6M+ SolarCoins have been granted as of March 2018 to solar producers in 58 countries. 44M Solarcoins are currently in circulation. ElectriCChain acts as an Affiliate to the SolarCoin Foundation in registering solar installations and solar power producers to the SolarCoin program and delivers open-source tools for the solar industry to adopt.


Demand Side Management  (Commercial) – Limejump

Limejump is a technology-driven utility, using big data and the Cloud to create a unique Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that enables generators, energy storage and businesses to access the same market opportunities as large power stations. This not only maximises revenue for smaller market players but delivers more  flexibility onto the system, creating a more sustainable solution to an increasing volume of intermittent renewables on the UK’s energy system. The Virtual Power Plant is providing cleaner and more cost-effective flexibility to keep the system balanced compared to paying large fossil fuel plants on standby, providing a scalable solution to some of the UK’s toughest energy challenges.


EV Network Management – Meshcrafts

Meshcrafts is a tech company developing software for e-mobility and energy management with a perspective on Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Transportation. SmartCharge, the SaaS-platform Meshcrafts has developed, is an open Marketplace for charging of electric vehicles (EVs). The company’s vision “Zero Emission, No Hassle” is encapsulated in SmartCharge, the platform for Electrical Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging. Meshcrafts is headquartered in Oslo Science park, Norway.


EV Charging – ubitricity 

ubitricity has developed a unique and market leading approach to Electrical Vehicle charging. SimpleSockets enable charging infrastructure to be set up anywhere EVs park. The SmartCable enables the user to bring their own mobile energy tariff to the charging point. The mobile meter records all charging transactions. Charging with the SmartCable at non-ubitricity points is also possible. The ubitricity solution is an open system and complements the existing charging infrastructure. All charges are summarised on a single invoice. ubitricity can provide metered data to any service partner for customer billing, either as a white label service or through system integration.


Home Products – Howz

Howz helps utilities drive engagement with a growing segment of their customers – older people – by linking their use of energy to their daily activity and their well-being. Howz uses machine learning to understand the customer’s daily routine from smart meter and other sensor data.  Howz identifies anomalies or changes in their behaviour and helps them, and anyone they choose to share the information with, to identify the root cause.  Through Howz utilities can help their older customers live independently for longer.


Off-grid & Other Solutions – Pavegen

Pavegen, founded in 2009, is the global leader in harvesting energy and data from footfall. The Pavegen technology is a multifunctional custom flooring system. As people step on the tiles, their weight causes electromagnetic induction generators to vertically displace, which results in a rotatory motion that generates off-grid electricity. Additionally, each tile is equipped with a wireless API that transmits real-time movement data analytics, whilst directly producing power when and where it is needed. Pavegen is also able to connect to a range of mobile devices and building management systems. Pavegen’s vision is for smarter, more sustainable built environments which empower and connect people. Pavegen’s technology enables people to directly engage with clean energy, to increase their understanding of sustainability issues, and to connect purposefully with brands. Technology alone won’t make cities perform more efficiently – it’s about changing behaviours. Pavegen’s combination of physical interactivity and rich data is helping to bring smart cities to life. With over 150 installations worldwide including recent arrays in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, cities and brands are recognising the value of people power.


P2P Energy – Piclo (Open Utility)

Open Utility is an ambitious software company based in London with a mission to make electricity cheap, clean and abundant. Their Piclo Platform is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer energy and flexibility trading. Piclo partners include electricity suppliers Good Energy and Essent, and DNOs UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks. Open Utility has secured £2 million of funding, including grants from DECC and BEIS and private investment from Ian Marchant, former CEO of SSE. Open Utility has been named by Bloomberg as one of the UK’s top 50 Business Innovators and won Startup of the Year at European Utility Week.


Solar Operations & Management – Ecoppia

Ecoppia is a pioneer and world leader in robotic technology and a leading provider of data and analytics over innovative platforms. Ecoppia’s cloud-based robotic solar panel cleaning platform keeps panels in large-scale solar energy installations operating at peak performance year-round – optimising production, reducing operational costs, and positively impacting overall return on investment. Ecoppia has gained unparalleled experience, cleaning over 200 million solar panels worldwide and working with some of the largest energy companies including Actis, EDF, ENGIE, NTPC, Softbank and others. Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in Israel with offices in India.