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Top four companies selected for Japan Energy Challenge 2019

After a full week of meetings with our participants, the 2019 group of sponsors have selected their choice of top companies to invite to Japan.  Read more about our winners - Connected Energy,  EVBox, Heliatek, and KiWi Power - in our announcement here.



Meet our selection of invited companies for Japan Energy Challenge 2019

After a long scouting, selection, and due diligence process, the 2019 class of Japan Energy Challenge has been selected. We selected this year’s cohort by identifying the most promising trends in the cleantech sector and matching them according to their strategic fit with the sponsors’ goals and Japanese market projections. More than 600 innovative companies active within these trends were evaluated during the selection process, until a pool of 20+ promising companies were identified.  They will come to London from 5-8 August to compete for the opportunity to win projects, funding, and a trip to Japan.





Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Connected Energy

Connected Energy provide energy storage units built from second-life EV batteries for use in commercial, industrial, and utility applications. We interview Mark Bailey, Chief Commercial Officer of Connected Energy, to learn more.


Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: eMotorwerks / Enel X

Acquired in 2017 by Enel and now falling under the Enel X unit, eMotorWerks offer a complete line of smart electric vehicle charging stations and custom solutions and allow their customers to control their EV fleet’s charging schedules with the advanced IoT platform, JuiceNet Enterprise. We interview Mark Walker, Country Manager for UK & Ireland in e-mobility for eMotorWerks / Enel X, to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: ezzingSolar

While the price of solar panels has been decreasing significantly, their purchase can still be a complex ordeal for consumers and businesses alike. ezzingSolar have developed an "all-in-one" software solution that simplifies PV and allows companies to develop and be profitable in distributed generation. We interview Victor Sancho, Co-founder and CBDO of ezzingSolar, to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Green Energy Options

GEO focuses on the energy element of the smart home. Their aim is to use their smart energy devices to help customers save money on their energy bills. We interview Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Heliatek

Heliatek make Organic Solar Films, a flexible and lightweight solar panel for the building industry that can be installed on many more surfaces than traditional PV modules. We interview Aline Mueller, Sales Represetntative of Heliatek, to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Hubject

Hubject provide a digital B2B marketplace for connecting different market players in order to create the intercharge network - a digital and cross-border charging network for electric vehicles. We interview Melanie Cao, Market Development Manager to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Kaluza

Kaluza provides a platform to securely connect, control, and optimise a wide range of IoT enabled flexible assets.. We interview Tom Pakenham, Director of Electric Vehicles to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Lumenaza

Lumenaza’s “utility-in-a-box” software connects producers and consumers of locally produced renewable power so they can build up regional, communal and transparent green electricity supply. We interview Christian Chudoba, CEO to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke allows its clients to aggregate, monitor and manage their decentralized energy resources via a Virtual Power Plant. We interview Jochen Schwill, CEO to learn more.


Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Open Energi

Open Energi manage distributed energy to radically reduce electricity costs and provide flexible capacity to enable a 100% renewable energy system. We interview David Martin, co-founder and  to learn more.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Power Ledger

Power Ledger have designed a Peer-to-Peer trading software that utilises blockchain technology to allow utility customers to buy and sell electricity in real time. We interview David Martin, Managing Director & co-founder to learn more.



Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Solargis

Solargis provide weather data and software for analysing solar power investments. We interview Marcel Suri, Managing Director of Solargis, to learn more.



Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: Switchd

Switchd provides electricity and gas retail customers with a software service to automatically switch their energy supply to the best energy deal, saving them time and hundreds of pounds per year. We interview Thomas Rogers, Director and co-founder.

Meet Japan Energy Challenge 2019 Cohort: tiko

tiko operates a unique software platform that brings retail electricity customers the power of a virtual power plant and smart home energy management system designed to connect and control residential and SME assets. We interview Samuel Enggist, Senior Business Development Manager.

trimmed sponsors 2019

Introducing our 2019 Sponsors

Accelerating the global energy transition and facilitating innovation in the Japanese energy sector is an ambitious goal, and our sponsors for Japan Energy Challenge 2019 exhibit a spirit to be the leaders in this transition.

With the senior decisionmakers for these companies arriving in August for a week of events focused on energy sector innovation, it's going to be an exciting event. Collectively, they control a commanding portion of the Japanese energy market, so the solutions that are a success at JEC2019 will have a great opportunity ahead of them. We look forward to welcoming them this year and working to advance the industry as a whole.


New investment and opportunities from Japan lead headlines in Q1 2019JEC co-hosts Innovate UK event in Tokyo

As we enter 2019, a host of new corporate partnerships and activities are announced between European and Japanese firms, read our round-up and conclusions here!


JEC co-hosts Innovate UK event in Tokyo

Japan Energy Challenge and Enechange hosted the Global Business Innovation Programme on the 29th January 2019, to match UK innovators with Japanese energy companies. The event was a collaboration with the UK Government’s innovation agency Innovate UK. It was aimed at providing a match-making and networking platform for 14 hand-picked, innovative UK projects in the Japanese energy market. 

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Japan Energy Challenge names British startups Brill Power, Powervault as 2018 winners

After 6 months of screening and preparation, the inaugural run of Japan Energy Challenge took place on 4-6 July in London. Highlighted by dozens of meetings between the executives of Japan's largest and most innovative energy sector companies and Europe's best startups, all participants left with a greater understanding of their respective markets and product offerings. However, Japan Energy Challenge isn't just for presenting innovative products and business models in the energy sector - it's about bringing them to life.  While all of the participating startups were well-received, we highlighted two winners of our grand prize - a fully sponsored trip to Japan to meet the stakeholders in their project on their home turf.


Meet our invited startups for Japan Energy Challenge 2018

After a rigorous selection process involving reviews of over 600 startups, we proudly announce the inaugural class for Japan Energy Challenge 2018. Startups were selected on the basis of strategic fit within the sponsors' goals & Japanese market, market traction, and technology demonstration. Over 600 startups were evaluated during the selection process to find promising leaders in industry verticals. Upon accepting our invitation, the startups presented and refined their proposal for collaboration over the period of several months. The July event in London will be the culmination of this work - where the startups will meet directly with the sponsors to hopefully get approval.

strategic partners

Japan Energy Challenge opens seats for strategic energy sector partners

What do you get when you combine 10 of Europe's most innovative energy sector startups and match them with 6 of Japan's most forward-thinking corporates coming to the table with 1M-2M GBP in funds for pilot projects? A fast-paced event where the future of the energy sector is launched! Starting from today, Japan Energy Challenge 2018 will be accepting inquiries for attendees with a strategic interest relevant to the program. 

2018 sponsors

Japan Energy Challenge sponsor list finalised and it covers the largest players in Japanese energy retail, oil & gas, digital services, solar generation

With less than 2 weeks remaining in the call for applications, we are happy to announce our final list of corporate sponsors for Japan Energy Challenge 2018. The sponsors cover a broad array of the energy sector - from energy resource exploration through retail and consumer services.