Meet our selection of finalists for 2020 Japan Energy Challenge (JEC)

LONDON  After a long scouting and selection process, we proudly announce the 2020 class of JEC. JEC provides a series of energy innovation programs aimed at helping international energy sector companies demonstrate their products with their first major customer in Japan – the world’s most dynamic and exciting energy market.

Our team selected this year’s cohort by identifying the most promising trends in the cleantech sector and matching them according to their strategic fit with our 14 sponsors’ goals and Japanese market projections. More than 600 innovative companies from all over the world active within these trends were evaluated during the selection process, until a pool of the most promising companies were identified.

After these companies applied to take part in the program, we shortlisted a first group of ventures based on their offering and value propositions. Our team then selected the JEC 2020 cohort after evaluating with the JEC sponsors each shortlisted company on their size, market traction, technology demonstration, and timeframe for a prospective collaboration.

The finalist ventures have now been invited to attend our annual summit taking place in Tokyo in March 2021 where they will meet individually with our sponsors and discuss future collaborations and financial investments. The event was originally planned to be held in December, but it was then postponed after considering the travel restrictions implemented by the Japanese government due to COVID-19.

Adapting to COVID-19 Restrictions

The JEC program has adapted to the restrictions imposed by the numerous quarantines and travel restrictions that have followed the COVID-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, all JEC 2020 finalists will receive a position to present their companies and products at our brand-new live, long-form webinar service – Energy Engage Live. Energy Engage Live brings leaders of energy ventures from around the world to the virtual stage to present case studies, showcase demos, share collaboration proposals, make early-investor announcements, and outline plans for working with international partners.

Energy Engage Live will act as a pipeline for the world’s best investment and collaboration opportunities in the clean energy innovation space by providing access to custom-made exclusive services, including deep-dive reports and facilitated matchmaking.

To find out more about Energy Engage Live, please visit: 

JEC2020 Cohort