Japan Energy Challenge opens seats for strategic energy sector partners

What do you get when you combine 10 of Europe’s most innovative energy sector startups and match them with 6 of Japan’s most forward-thinking corporates coming to the table with 1M-2M GBP in funds for pilot projects? A fast-paced event where the future of the energy sector is launched!

“We’ve had a great initial response from high-quality startups and getting the interest from the sponsors. After a rigourous selection process, the foundation of our offer to both the startups and the sponsors is now well established. We think we can take the program to the next level by including a handful of strategic attendees,” said program coordinator Paul Monroe.

Starting from today, Japan Energy Challenge 2018 will be accepting inquiries for attendees with a strategic interest relevant to the program. These include:

     Market Research/Consulting Groups

What will the future of the Japanese energy sector look like? How will the successes of European startups translate to entering this market? What implications are there for both the public and private sector in learning these lessons? We see a tremendous opportunity in having an energy-focused market research & consulting group involved in the program to answer these questions and demonstrate unique expertise in emerging trends in the European/Asian energy sector.


We anticipate that Japan Energy Challenge will lead to the start of pilot projects, allowing for the selected startups to make their first entrance into the massive Japanese energy market. Winning these projects will be the first major stage of international expansion activities for many of the participants, making this an ideal time for investment. We have a limited number of seats available for strategically positioned investors who would look to capitalise on the opportunity to meet a select group of startups with explosive growth potential and a defined roadmap to achieving it.


Innovation, international collaboration, and getting a sneak peak of the future – we welcome attendees from the media covering technology, business, and the energy sector.

     Government/Public Sector

Japan Energy Challenge is filling a unique niche in the acceleration and export of technology. International in scope and cash grant (rather than investment) focused, Japan Energy Challenge combines elements of public programs like Innovate UK, Horizon 2020, Energy Systems Catapult, and DIT/FCO trade missions, but is private sector driven and coordinated not by major corporates but by entrepreneurs who have stood in the shoes of the startups. We are offering seats to a handful of public sector attendees whose role has a strategic overlap with the goals of Japan Energy Challenge and who would seek to share knowledge and understand how this unique approach can better improve their own programs.

Japan Energy Challenge 2018 will take place on 5-6 July.  If you are a one of these parties or have an offer relevant to the consortium, please get in contact with us at info@japanenergychallenge.com.

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